Have you felt sad or mildly depressed such that you can’t get anything useful done for hours or days or even weeks?

I felt pretty stressed about a particular project and I was feeling very down from around 7 pm today, it wasn’t until around 11:30 pm that I felt fairly okay again. I played one hour of monopoly on my mobile, I went for a slow jog while listening to Audible and I took a slow shower while listening to Tony Robbins.

I accept that having sad times is part of the deal called Life, being a Lean fanatic, I feel that this “waste” can be reduced if not eliminated, so, I decided to write a little SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) as an Evernote entry to guide myself to recover faster next.

Here is the entry I wrote:

Instruction: choose one of the following via Random Picker or the one that I am most inclined to do.
  1. shower
  2. go for a jog
  3. listen to Tony Robbins
  4. listen to Jim Rohn
  5. meditate using the Headspace app
  6. have a cup of tea
  7. have a cup of coffee
  8. have a cup of hot chocolate
  9. write a journal entry
  10. do a MindSweep
  11. scan some paper to feel productive
  12. tidy my room to feel productive
  13. change my physiology
  14. stand with my back against the wall
  15. play a game on my phone such as Monopoly

To gamify this, I decided to track my recovery time in a Google Sheets.

Date Start of sadness End of sadness Number of hours Strategies used Cause of sadness Idea to how to recover faster next time
2017-05-22 19:00 23:30 04:30 Monopoly, Jog, Shower Overreacting to one comment by someone without adequate fact checking Go straight for a jog

I hope that this short post gives you some ideas to improve your “recovery time” too. Of course, to state the obvious, if the sadness/depression persists, do speak with friends and family and/or even seek professional help.

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