I have attempted to learn Arabic a few times over the year, but I have not gotten very far. I always believe in learning by sharing and teaching and hence I am writing this post.

I have always been fascinated by the Arabic culture and history and I would like to have a basic understanding of the language.

There are many varieties of Arabic. Most people study Modern Standard Arabic. It is derived by the version of Arabic in the Quran. It is the variety of Arabic which is used officially and in the media. Everyday speech is spoken in local dialects. I have chosen to focus on the Egyptian dialect because it is the most commonly understood through media influence.

I am a big fan of the Michel Thomas series, I have finished the Foundation, Advanced and Vocabulary courses for Egyptian Arabic. It was around 20 hours of audio in total, using the pause button after each prompt, I have probably spent around 40 hours in total with the materials.

I have also spent some time to learn the script.

I really like the dictionary called Egyptian Arabic Dictionary at lisaanmasry.com which includes a cool grammar and script guide.

I am now planning to take a few lessons on iTalki and follow a textbook such as Colloquial Arabic of Egypt by Routledge

I will update you guys regarding my progress.

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